The Postponement of Holding the Twelfth Iranian Oral history Congress until subsequent time

Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: according Iranian Oral History's website, Mohsen Kazemi, the secretary of Iranian Oral History Association announced about the postponement of holding the twelfth Iranian Oral History Congress until subsequent time.

He posted the text of the 7th statement of the 12th Iranian Oral History Congress on Iranian Oral History's website we as follows: "I informed, to all interested addresses and those who enrolled in the congress, that holding the twelfth Iranian Oral History Congress is postponed until subsequent time. In the next statement, the exact time of Oral History Congress will be informed."

It had been already supposed that the twelfth Iranian Oral History Congress titled" The Oral  History of the Industry, Engineering and Support of  Sacred Defense", would be held in Saeb Hall of Isfahan's Human Science University on Thursday,  19th November 2019.

Following the statement of new time, the twelfth Iranian Oral History Congress will be held by Iranian Oral History Association, the Isfahan’s University and the Headquarter for Dedicated Worriers’ Affairs of Jihad Construction Ministry."



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The twelfth Iranian Oral History Congress will be held by Iranian Oral History Association, Isfahan University and the General Directorate for Dedicated Worriers Affairs of Constructive Jihad Ministry." Mohsen Kazemi, the secretary of Iranian Oral History Association, said:" Today, oral history is raised from different part of our country, Iran, and we are involved a variety of oral history.