Publishing Arabic translation of the book "Platoon-1"

Translated by Ruhollah Golmoradi


According to Iranian Oral History Website, Arabic translation of "Platoon-1: Renarration of the Operation Night Memories (1986-02-13, Al-Faw Road- Omm Qasr)" was published in Lebanon by "Encyclopedia of Islamic Culture".
The book "Platoon-1" is a work by Asghar Kazemi, a warrior and author of Sacred Defense and a colleague of the Office of Literature and Art of Resistance. The Persian version of this book, which is one of products of this office about a period of the Iraqi army's imposed war against Islamic Republic of Iran, was published by Soore Mehr Publication in more than 800 pages in 2007 and has been reprinted 17 times.

Referring to "Platoon-1", Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, stated on September 22, 2007, "I read a book recently that describes several days about one of our attacks; narrated by remained people of a platoon, not from a division, a brigade a battalion or even a company. Some of the platoon remained and reported. This very gifted writer and scholar _such works are truly and fairly very worthy_ extracted details of materials from words of those people, and formed it in a book with six to seven hundred pages. We just hear Operation Al-Faw. We recite also many of important measures that were done in this operation: they passed Arvand, seize Al-Faw, conquered the salt factory so-and-so. We know the generalities, but we do not know about happened during step by step of the operation. A huge miniature page with ultimate mastery and beauty is presents to us; we look from the distance standing and say: well! We do not close to see how much art has been used in every corner of this miniature. Some people do it. Now, this example I read is one of such works. I hope such works will be continued."

Now, in September 2018, Arabic translation of "Platoon-1", was published in two volumes titled

" الفصیل الأول: ذکریات لیلة عملیات جادة الفاو – اُم‌القصر1986/2/13م ".


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