Issue 8 of “Oral History Bi-Annual” released

The following titles are seen in the issue seven of the journal: The neglected layers of narration (Mehdi Abolhasan Taraqi), Mircha Eliadeh and Jalal Sattari deep in oral history (Peiman Abolbashari, Hasan Sadeghi Samarjani), Oral history and its importance in writing the characteristics of local women in southern Iran (Abolfazl Hasan Abadi), Availability of oral history interviews in provincial centers of the National Library and Archives of Islamic Republic of Iran (Peimaneh Salehi), ...

Relation of "Community of Memory" and History

Oral history in Iran is based on two models of compilation; either an interview is fully implemented and is committed on paper, or it is formed by the editor with his or her taste in form of narrative. Many works have also been published in these forms so far. But in our country, there is one aspect of oral history that has been concealed and it is methodological aspect.

The Library of Memoirs

"Flight through Southern Window "," The First Narration of Cherry Red Notebook "and" Stopped in Time"

We read the Introduction of three books of memoirs in the following. The first common feature of these books is that they consist memoirs and life story. Another feature that brings them closer to oral history range is that the mentioned temporal, spatial, and individual characteristics in the heart of memoirs are related to important events in the history of our country or in certain regions.

About the book "Strategy and Nothing Else"

Seven interviews with a security expert

"Strategy and Nothing Else: an interview with Nasser Razavi, security expert on the Mojahedin Organization of Iran" is the full title of a book compiled by Mohammad Hassan Rozitalab. This book with a 247 pages has published for first time by Ya Zahra publication in year 2019. The book includes the introduction, the text of seven sessions of interview and photos. In the introduction, Rozitalab introduced the interviewee and added: ...

About two books

"Virtuous Pilot (Khalaban-e Varasteh)" and "Sound of Oars (Seda-ye Parooha)"

Iranian Oral History Website: this time we again introduce you two memory books produced in the Hozeh Honari Office of Culture and Studies of Resistance of provincial centers as follows. These books have been published by Sooreh Mehr Publication in 1398 (2019).

"Handmade Wishes", "a Girl from Tabriz ", "Lady Instructor", "Rise Up!"

Oral history of knowledge, women, schools and hymns in four books

Iranian oral history website - entitled "Oral History", published four works by the Office of Studies of Islamic Revolutions Cultural Front, and its publication, Rahyar, in the spring of year 2019.

Along with the memoirs of narrators from Khorasan

"Hundred and Seventy Sixth Diver" and "the Description of Sky "

There are two books have been recently delivered to Iranian oral history website by Star Publication centered in Khorasan Razavi . In recent years, the publication has been recently developed, and the content of its books shows superior works in the field of oral history and memories of sacred defense.

Library of Memories

"Pray for me not to give up", "Ambushed by the Komala terrorists" and "Tikrit with five five taste"

In this text, you become familiar with three books produced in three Iranian provinces: "Pray for me not to give up: Martyr Abbas Najafi narrated by wife and others" from Markazi Province, "Ambushed by the Komala terrorists: Oral memoirs of Mohammad Amin Qaffar Pour" and "Tikrit with five five taste: Oral memoirs of Amin Alipour" from Gilan Province.

Petrochemical Industry Oral History

Although the National Petrochemical Industry is the youngest member within the Oil Industry, according to the Oral History of Iran website, it plays a crucial role in the history of this industrial sector and the experience of the authorities in this field is critical to pursue economic objectives and training of the younger generation.

"Three Views ... "and Questions that Cause the Audience to Think

The symposium by Mr. Alireza Kamari has been published previously in two editions; one in book of Yade Mana (abiding memory), which contains five articles on memory-writing and memoirs of the war and the front and Sacred Defense, first published in 2002, and the other Puye Payedari (resistance movement), published in 2018, containing 40 articles and interview on resistance literature, the Islamic Revolution literature, the war literature and the holy defense literature, ...
It Was Raised in an Interview with Ibrahim Afshar

Details of Oral History Project of Iranian Sport Press

Iranian Oral History Website: specialized sports newspapers and sports pages of news agencies are one of the most popular media, especially when it comes to football! Working in a newspaper or as a correspondent because of never-ending dynamism and excitement is filled with ups and downs and precious experiences for future reporters and an excuse to commemorate predecessors. In this regard, library, documentation center and oral history of the National Olympic Academy, ...

A belief though for the world

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful. I would like to welcome you all and acknowledge the good words I heard today. I met many dear friends. I would like to congratulate the narrators, as my sisters; the authors, as my sisters; the Art Division and Soureh Mehr Publication. They did a wonderful job. They spared no effort. This event was arranged with the efforts of Ms.
Typology of Oral History (1)

Basic Narrative & Pathology

Oral history seems to be easy to ignore. Particularly in extraction; in the field of compilation, we encounter texts that suffer many forms of problems. On the one hand, it is seen that the basis is a mere interview and extraction and editing that is lacking in priorities. Therefore, in spite of the efforts of the producer, the end result does not attract readers and specialists. The other part relates to oral ...

Verification in Documentation

Overview on the critical role of memoir typology in the trifecta theory of the book
What is verification/authentication? In discussing the matter, I intentionally, avoid the comparative realm of truth and reality; and I do not want this article to be tangled in the relativity of realism, which will be of no use. Hence, in defining verification/authentication, I shall apply the terminology of the concept and look at the issue from the audience point of view. The basic assumption in this concept is that the incident described in ...