A brief overview of the book "You Will not Be Martyred"

He made a intention, got his wish and became martyr

"Staying in Tehran meant staying in the middle of the field, and returning to Tabriz, meant stepping back and losing the job opportunity he had chosen for the Quds Force ... After getting married in Tehran, in response to a query had been offered him to take her family to Tabriz and live, he replied: you will not be martyred." You Will not Be Martyred." One of the most notable sections of the book is ...

A review of "Three Halves of an Apple"

I leave my Ismaeel to you!

The book "Three Halves of an Apple" is the memoirs of Khadijah Shad, the mother of two martyrs of the defender of shrine, Mustafa and Mujtaba Bakhti which has been authored by Mohammad Mahmoudi Nourabadi. It has been published in 296 pages and in 2500 copies in 2019 by Khat-e Moghaddam Publications. The book consists of 19 chapters; attached by photos given by the family of the two martyrs to ...

Taking a Look at book "The Autumn of Fifty Years old"

He Got Himself on the "Syrian" Martyrdom Bus

"The Autumn of Fifty Years Old" is the name of a book from the memory of Maryam Jalali, the wife of the defender of shrine, martyr Mohammad Jamali published in current autumn with 168 pages and 2500 volumes and 20,000 Toman for those are interested in the oral history of the war. This book is dedicated to the martyrs in defense of the holy shrine, written by Fatemeh Behbudi, edited by ...

The two-volume book "Operational Physicians" at a glance

War Medical Oral History; Untold Words and Seen Events

"Operational Physicians" is the title of a two-volume book published in this summer (2019) by Darkhuin Publishing in 1,000 copies at a price of 39 and 32 thousand Toman respectively. This book, in simple words, narrates the oral history of relief and rescue in the eight-year war hospitals of Iran and Iraq by the language of two qualified physicians who are still practicing in their profession.

A narration of Hassan Kamalyan eventful memoirs:

"Mr. KM"

The book "Mr. KM" is narration of Hassan Kamalyans eventful memoirs of his attendance in war as an cameraman and documentary-maker authored and researched by Reza Paksima and published by "Rah-e Yar" Publications in Office of the Islamic Revolutions Cultural Front in January, 2019. The goal of the Office of the Islamic Revolution Cultural Front in collecting the oral memoirs of popular activists in social, political, scientific, economic, and military fields can ...

The Tale of the Silent Folks

Image of Shan in the Mind of Iranians

The fall of Mohammad Reza Pahlavis position as king of Iran in the minds of the people and a profound change in the peoples view are among the factors that many revolutionaries and sociologists of the Pahlavi era, especially those leading to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, consider effective in overthrowing the regime. In fact, at first the image and status of the monarchy fell in the minds and lost its ...

Life of a revolutionary lady as narrated by memoirs

The book "A lady from Followers of Kowthar: Educational Ethical Impressions from the Life of a Revolutionary Lady" authored by Maryam Saderi has been published by Nashr-e Orouj Publications in 2018 in 1000 copies. In the 196-page book, the author deals with the personality dimensions of the revolutionary lady, Khadijeh Saghafi, the wife of Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul). This book has been compiled on the basis of interviews, conversations and memoirs that have been published in a number of books ...

An Overview of the book “Kamane-ha”*

Oral History Name & Custom Dilemma

The cover of the book “Kamane-ha” reads: "Oral History narrated by Sardar Gholam Hossein Hashemi." This 395-page book was by Darkhuvin of Esfahan Province with the support of the Directorate General for the Preservation and Advocacy of the Holly Defense Values in 2014. The book content, consists of 21 chapters including the content and references; interview and edit by Mohsen Sivandian, leads the audience towards a book of oral history nature.

Oral History of the Islamic Revolution

Article collection of the 10th Iranian Oral History Conference

The Oral History of the Islamic Revolution is a book containing a series of lectures and articles from the 10th Iranian Oral History Conference with the same title, held by the attempt of Institute for Contemporary History Studies of Iran and the Association for Oral History in February 2016. In this 537-page book published by the Institute for Contemporary History Studies of Iran in 2018, ...

Memories of a Few Operations

Biography of Mohajer Eshgh*

Mohajer Eshgh is the biography of Shahid Hamid Ramezani which is published by Surah Mehr Publications on November 14, 2019. Alireza Maserati, the author of book and a fellow warrior of Shahid Ramezani, puts it in the foreword: "A new chapter has emerged in the thick book of history, which is very mystical. Only those who realized that the life is not more than dying without the beloved, made their mind to ...
Abdolrahim Saeedi Rad, the poet of Islamic Revolution and sacred Defense

The Bayonets of Shahs agents could not cope with communiques of Imam (God bless his soul)!

Tall and thick chest. He was born in Dezful in 1966. But despite his tender age during the victory of the Islamic Revolution (12 years old), he has memorable memoirs in chest from Dezful during the revolution. He narrates for us the images witnessed by him that are the inseparable parts of the oral history of the revolution. He for years put up his arm during the scared defense as a warrior ...
The 310th Night of Memory – 1

He sacrificed his life for revolution, Islam and Iranian nation

Islamic Republic, values and Velayat-e Faqih are legacies of Imam Khomeini
According to the website of Iranian Oral History, the 310th program of the Night of Memory of the Sacred Defense was held in Sooreh Hall of the Art Center on Thursday evening, 23rd of January 2020. In this show, Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Shirazi, Morteza Sarhangi, and Majid Yusefzadeh recounted their memoirs about Haj Qassem Soleimani and defense in Syria. The first narrator of the show was the Representative of the Leader of Islamic ...
An Interview with Hussein Shah-Hosseini:

The Execution of Anti-British Minister by the US Supporter

Seyed Hossein Fatemi was executed in Tehran on November 10 in 1954, a year after a joint British-American coup against a national government in Iran. Fatemi, 37 years old, who, according to Chromit Roosevelt, one of the planners of August 18 coup, was sentenced to death by order of king before being arrested. After the coup, it was secret until February 24 in 1954, when he was arrested by Colonel Molavi.
Neglected History (3)

Critique of External Historiography of the United Islamic Students Association Abroad.

An interview with Mojtaba Baghernejad
In the first and second part of the interview, the history of the United Islamic Associations Abroad and the reasons for its importance and the most important published book in the country were presented and criticized in an interview with Mr. Baghernejad. In this section, we review two Persian books on the topic of the United Islamic Associations, published abroad, and the validity and content of these two books have been reviewed by respected interviewee.