Understanding History

I only travelled with the late Iraj Afshār once; we stayed in Leiden in Netherlands. I have a memoir of him from that trip which is of relevance to my topic of discussion. We were in Leiden for a seminar, and we were out for lunch at a restaurant.

Ayatollah Saeedi in Ezat Shahi’s Memories

10 June 2011, is 41st anniversary of Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Reza Saeedi's martyrdom in Pahlavi’s torture chambers.

The Question of Modernism

In the realm of poetry creation and especially in his literary scholarship, Gheisar Aminpour was caught up in a highly conflictual situation about modernity and tradition which formed his main concern in the last decade of his life.

A Comparison between two Styles of Political Resistance, Imam Khomeini & Gandhi

One way to know great political figures is to compare their political life approach and especially their campaign style against enemies, their efforts for political renovation of their country, the time and the circumstances they emerged, and also whom, why and how they fought.

The Politician Mystic

It has been said that the human has a theoretical nous which is "perception" and the practical nous which actualizes the reasonable functions, but we say that action is needed in both functions and the theoretical nous depends on the practical one in a way that the practical nous depends on the theoretical one and action is needed in a theory which is perception and knowledge.

I wanted to write about mother but …

The following note is a heart written by Fahrad Famili's sister that we have received from a long distance.

The Island Dogs

We met each other on the football pitch, playing soccer in our rubber boots and on muddy fields. They were in one team, and we were in their opposing team: operational intelligence servicemen vs. artillery lookouts.

The Necessities of Setting up the Center for Persian Gulf Oral History

The Name of Persian Gulf in the history of Iran is the result of a multi-thousand-year cultural record which today is undoubtedly our most important strong point in comparison with the Arab neighbors.

A Different Language in Teaching History

Today, history and historiography has found its way into many other disciplines. For instance, we find books with titles such as the history of mathematics, music, chemistry, language, psychology, industries, inventions, philosophy, religion, civilization, book, historiography, and many others with history in their titles.

Labor Movements in Mashad and Oral History Researches

The reviewing of Mashad's contemporary history and studying of the role of different groups and unions represent the political activities of the society's middle layers after Shahrivar 1320 (September 1941).
A memory from Mohammad Reza Yousefi

Stealing medicines from the city pharmacy

In the days after the Islamic Revolution, many people remember that young people gathered in different parts of the cities, and each one represented a group: groups such as the Tudeh party, Monafeghin or the hypocrites, the Fedai Guerrillas, the Democrats, Hezbollah, etc. each of which debated with each other with different political opinions and worldviews, and sometimes physical conflicts occurred between them during the debate. I was also interested in such street debates.

An Intelligent Demonstration

The people of Kurdistan did not have the courage to attend the demonstration due to pressures the regime had put on them. Whenever there was a demonstration across the country, there was no news in Saqqez until we, as the exile who were 10 to 11 people, decided to hold a demonstration there. When we started to demonstrate, two-three police cars had turned on their lights and followed us along with ...

Feeling of suffocation in runnel

Translated by M. B. Khoshnevisan
Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th of Dey 1357 (December 30 and 31, 1978) had coincided with the first days of the lunar month of Safar 1399. It had been four or five days since we left the sit-in. The regime showed terrible and intimidating behaviors and confrontations. On the other hand, we also prepared a big rally, which ended at Khorasan Governorate. From the first days of the Dey, the Pahlavi ...
Book review:

A Pious Fighter

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the re-establishment of Qom Seminary, the Islamic Revolution Document Center has published a collection of books. One of them under the title "A Pious Fighter" is dedicated to the oral history of the life and struggles of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Mousavi Shali. This work, authored by Mohammad Kazem Ameli, describes the narrators life, education, religious, cultural and political activities in four chapters.