Oral History News of August- September 2022

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Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to Iranian Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the website in written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from August- September 2022.

►Announcement No. 2 of the 13th Oral History Conference - Call for Papers: To inform the researchers, experts and interested parties who failed to submit the abstract of the paper by the deadline, the electronic secretariat of the conference is ready to receive the original papers by the mid of November 2022 at the latest. It is obvious that in accepting the papers, the goals and themes of the conference will be the criteria of evaluation.

►In continuation of the programs of the Holy Defense Week, the dedicated document working group, oral history and the compilation of the Holy Defense Encyclopedia of Fars Province and the information hall of the document management and library of the southern region of the country started working.

► The special program "Handwriting" for Holy Defense Week, which is a conversation with prominent female writers about women's narratives of the oral history of eight years of imposed war and resistance front, was broadcasted on TV channel 5.

►In the process of compilation of the Yazd province oral history project, the first interview session with Seyed Hossein Mirzargar was conducted in the oral history unit of Yazd National Library and Document Center.

► On the occasion of holy defense week, Quds Online conducted an interview with Mohammad Nazarzadeh, the expert in charge of the oral history department of the Razavi Astan Quds Libraries, Museums and Document Center, and he talked about the efforts of the Razavi Astan Quds Libraries, Museums and Document Center to collect the oral history of the holy defense.

► At the same time as the seventh day of the holy defense week, the oral history book "South Canal of Nahrkhin" was unveiled.

►The head of the Holy Defense Documents and Research Center on the eve of the fourth edition of the "Memories and Names" ceremony, referring to the honoring of the commanders and officials of the oral history narrators of the Holy Defense in this period of the ceremony, the unveiling of 51 research works, 142 documentary books and 40 books A voice announced.

►The governor of Yazd announced that recording the oral history of the holy defense and compiling the encyclopedia of the holy defense is underway in this province. The Director of the Provincial National Library and Document Center explained the plan of Yazd's oral history in the fourth meeting of the Provincial Public Culture Council, which was held at the Kausar Hall of Yazd Governorate.

►Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, head of the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, said: Oral history is the narrative of people's customs and traditions, which should become a lasting work and a historical document in Ben County.

► With the aim of explaining the role of Ayatollah Dastghib Public Library in the social and cultural developments of Shiraz city and documenting the history of Iran's public libraries, the oral history research project of Ayatollah Dastghib Shiraz Library is being implemented.

►The training workshop on the oral history of holy defense was held in Urmia with the aim of improving the ability of writers in this field.

►The review session of the book "Captivity at Birth", the oral history of the captive Janbaz Alireza Gardhan was held at the General Directorate for the Preservation of Antiquities and Publication of the Values of the Holy Defense of West Azerbaijan.

◄ Training workshop on interviewing and compilation of oral history of holy defense was held in Khoy city with the aim of improving the ability of writers in this field.

► The review session of the book "Sit a little While the Rain Stops" written by Leila Davarzani and reviewed by Ismail Hashemabadi, a professor and critic of oral history in Zanjan province, was held.

►Director General of Mazandaran Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation, emphasizing the special attention and honoring of the families of the martyrs, said: it is necessary to compile the oral history of the martyrs of Mena and Hajj of Mazandaran.

► The review meeting of the book "Said's War Days" was held in the media cultural Center.

► The book "Mission in the Sky" oral history of pilot Colonel Loter Yadgari was written by Siavash Rahimi.

►The head of the artistic department, documents and publications of the Kermanshah Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation announced the preparation of 483 items of oral history of the parents of the martyrs of the province and said: 50 items of oral history under the title "the Camp of Love" are being broadcast on Kermanshah Radio and Television.

►The review meeting of the book "The Rifleman of Tribe", the oral memoirs of Ali Pasha Sadeghi, about the warriors of the holy defense period, was held in Ilam province.

►The head of the Center for Documents and Research of the Holy Defense said: Thanks to the efforts of this center, the oral histories of 60 prominent commanders and top managers of the Holy Defense era have been recorded during the past year.

► The book "the Life Survivor", the oral history of the warrior of the Holy Defense of Rahim Sahrai, was published by the efforts of the General Department of Preservation of the Works and Publishing of the Values ​​of the Holy Defense of Kermanshah.

►The fourth meeting of "Jihad of Explanation" with the focus on "Explaining the short-term solutions of the pathology of the oral history of the Holy Defense" was held in the Organization of Documents and Documents of the Holy Defense.

► The second meeting of memoirs in sustainability literature was held today with the presence of Morteza Sarhangi in the art field of Mazandaran province.

►The 442nd meeting of the Qom Research Foundation was held at Tolo Mehr University with the theme "Oral History: The Role of the Jamshidi Dynasty in the Qom Carpet".

►Director General of Preservation of Khuzestan's Sacred Defense Artifacts and Publishing Values said: Valuable works have been done in the field of oral history of Khuzestan warriors and 4 thousand entries have been collected in the field of encyclopedia.

►The information base of the Islamic Revolution Documentation Center has published a part of the memoirs of Sardar Ayat Gudarzi, one of the founders of the Islamic Revolution Committee and its first commander, which has been recorded in the oral history treasure of this center.

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A Narrative of Public Movement of June 5 1963

There is a story about Grand Mosque of Shiraz, in which most of June 5 events happened, that I like to note before addressing memories of June 5, 1963. The current director of bureau of Education who had intended to restore the mosque, started it in 1944. But when he evaluated impairment of the mosque, he concluded it would be better destroy the mosque totally and take its bricks to Kazeroon in order to build schools.

A Memory by Iran Torabi about Meeting Imam Khomeini

There were heavy surgeries that night until morning. Some of the wounded of the air force got martyrdom, and some guards died too. I was busy delivering one of the operated when I heard shouting and cursing in the recovery room. A guard and an air force officer had lain down on the stretcher, and were waiting for surgery. The guard had a medal around his neck supposed to be for the guards, and the Air Force officer recognized it.
The 336th Night of Memory-3

Sardasht Chemical Bombing

The 336th Night of Memory was held on Thursday, June 23, 2022, with the presence of a group of chemical warriors from Sardasht region and the treatment and health staffs of chemically injured and veterans in the Surah Hall of the Arts Center, with the performance of Dawood Salehi. In this ceremony, General Ali Sadri, Dr. Hamid Salehi, Dr. Mohammad Hajipour and Dr. Khosro Jadidi, witnesses of the chemical bombing, shared their memories.

Like a War-Torn Area

I participated in the demonstration for the first time on Tuesday, August 30, 1977 (the 14th of the holy month of Ramadan). In the morning, I heard people had gathered in front of house of Ayatollah Sayyid Abdullah Shirazi. My brother and I went to Naderi Crossroad with the intention of joining the people. The number of people kept increasing, as much as the street became completely closed. The distance between Ayatollah ...