Oral History News of April-May 2024

Compiled by: Iranian Oral History Website
Translated by: Fazel Shirzad


Note: According to Iran's Oral History website, "News of the Month" is the title of a series of reports on this website. These reports have a look at the news related to the topic of the website in written and virtual media. In the following, you will read news from April-May 2024.

►Research Vice President of Jurisprudential Heritage Institute emphasized the importance of codifying the history of Khorasan Seminary in a collection and expressed hope that with the cooperation and empathy of all members, the oral history of Khorasan Seminary can be collected and counted.

► At the opening ceremony of the third Pejwak National Documentary Festival, which was performed by Peyman Talebi, Mohammad Ghorbani, a pioneer of radio, who is known for his oral history of radio, was honored.

►Director of Yazd Province National Library and Document Center said: recording the oral history of old Yazd is one of the important priorities of the National Library and Document Center of this province.

►Thanks to the efforts of the sustainable literature office of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, the book of oral history of the Commander of the Holy Defense, Ali Kazem Sokhanvar, written by Shahrbanu Paknejad, was published under the title »crazy wave.«

►The vice president of research and digital resources of the National Library and Documents Organization of the country announced that 42 thousand manuscripts and 1500 oral histories of personalities are kept in this organization.

►The joint meeting of the experts of the document of honor and oral history project was held with the presence of the director general and the cultural and educational vice president of the Central Province Martyr and Martyr Affairs Foundation and the veterans of the Holy Defense, the management and experts of the Foundation for the Preservation of Artifacts and the Publication of the Values ​​of the Holy Defense and the Ruhollah Corps.

►The mayor of Hamedan announced the necessity of compiling oral history as a cultural and identity heritage and capital of the city of Hamedan.

►Director General of Lorestan Martyr Foundation said: Martyr Foundation and Relic Preservation Foundation recorded the oral history of the martyrs of the entire province. However, the oral history of the parents of student teacher martyrs of Lorestan was done by the student teachers of Farhangian University.

►Coinciding with Isfahan Cultural Week, the Chaharbagh Jan Isfahan program was held in the Chaharbagh cultural passage, focusing on oral history and the restoration of the old business of this famous street.

►The book "Miriam", the memoirs of Seyyed Rabab Sadr, was published by Hamid Qazvini by Imam Musa Sadr Cultural Research Institute in 662 pages.

► The unveiling ceremony of the book "Oral History of the Office of State Enterprises" of the Ministry of Economy was held in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Banking, Insurance and State Enterprises of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and a group of former and current managers of this office.

►Director General of Mazandaran Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation said at the congress of 10,400 martyrs of the province: oral history of 5,600 respected parents of martyrs and martyrs of the province was recorded.

►The governor of Yazd pointed out the necessity of writing and documenting the narratives of Zorkhane sport and compiling its oral history and called it one of the mandatory measures in this area.

►Director General of the Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of the Sacred Defense Values ​​of North Khorasan said: 42 titles of books containing memoirs, narratives, oral history, biographies and manuscripts of Islamic warriors were published in this province.

►The unveiling ceremony of the book of memoirs of Martyr Seyyed Mirza Naderi's mother titled "Mirza's Mother" was held, which was written by the efforts of North Khorasan writers.

►The three-volume book "Eternal Man" with the subject of the oral history of the life of martyr Haj Hassan Tehrani Moghadam was introduced at the Tehran Book Fair and the author of the book, Masoumeh Sepehri, and the family of the martyr were praised.

►The Secretary of the Coordinating Assembly of Historical Research Centers and Document Banks of Iran (Mehtab) said: The memoirs of the oral history of Tehran Metro are in the final stages of publication.

► At the same time as the fifth day of the presence of the country's public libraries in the Tehran Book Fair, the "Oral History of the Islamic Revolution" meeting centered on the introduction of the book "Rezai the Revolution" was held on May 24.

►The 14th Iranian Oral History Conference was held on Tuesday, May 25, at the University of Isfahan, with the theme "Oral History on the Scales" and with the presence of a group of historians, lecturers and researchers of Iranian oral history.

►Golali Babaei, a researcher and author of Holy Defence, said: Holy Defense has been recorded to the extent of individual oral history. The authors did not do basic work about the war period and its historiography, and unfortunately, there is more distortion and fraud now in the discussion of basic questions.

►The work of martyr Motahari Educational Cultural Center with the project of "Documentation, Story Writing and Oral History Central Working Group" received the second place in the selection section of the first Carino National Festival.

►The head of Astan Quds Razavi Records Department stated: So far, 23 thousand hours of audio and video interviews have been conducted in oral history in the Astan Quds Razavi Records Center in the form of a project.

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