Observing the developments of two different contexts from the heart of memories

Taking a Look at the Book "The Sergeant"

The book entitled "The Sergeant" is the oral memoirs of Kazem Nazari that its interview and transcription were done by Mahmoud Ranjbar and its first edition was published in 1399 under the supervision of Gilan Province Arts Center, Nekoafarin Publications, in 123 pages and 500 copies at a price of 30,000 Toman (Iranian currency). The contents of the present book include a note from Gilan Arts Center, introduction, preface, transcription of memoirs, pages related to pictures, and final index.

Review of First Lieutenant; Diver

First Lieutenant;Diver is the memoirs of Mohsen Jambozorg, compiled by Mohsen Seifikar and published by Surah Mehr Publications in collaboration with the Hamedan Hozeh Honari at 2019. Mohsen Jambozorg was one of the divers of the operations information unit in Hamedan 32nd Ansar al-Hussein Division, who was sent to the front by the Hamedan Education Office and was present in Operations Valfajr 2, Valfajr 5, Valfajr 8, and Ansar on Majnoon Island.

Memoirs of Dr. Mohammad Javad Asayesh

Oral historiography and history are among the most effective methods of historiography and the discovery and recording of historical events. Memoir-writing has a special place in showing the developments of history because of its attractiveness and because it expresses the narrators observations without intermediaries Many of the facts of contemporary Iranian history from the 150-year Qajar era and even before that is due to the memoirs of writers and narrators who witnessed the developments themselves and wrote their observations.

Memoirs of Ayatollah Mostajabi

Ayatollah Seyed Morteza Mostajab al-Davati, popularly known as “Mostajabi”, the son of Haj Seyed Asadollah Mostajab al-Davati and grandson of Ayatollah Seyed Abolhasan Sadr Ameli was born in 1302 AH (1924). Due to his family relationship with the Sadr family, he had a close and intimate relationship with Imam Musa Sadr from a young age. Therefore, any researcher who wants to study about the dignitaries of the Sadr family, it is worthwhile to refer to him for gaining information.

Review of two published books from the memoirs of Haj Sadegh Ahangaran

One Narrator, Two Texts

Oral history and, in most cases, oral memoirs, that have engaged many publishers and cultural and research institutions these days, is as much a matter of concern as it is an important cultural and research work. To clarify the subject without a long introduction, I refer to two works that have recently been published by two different publishers based on the memoirs of one person. The first book "With the Song of the Caravan", narrated by Mohammad Sadegh Ahangaran, ...

The memory of Amir Aslan Afshar, Chief of court ceremonies:

How Was the Shahs Message, "Iranian People, I heard the Voice of Your Revolution!" Written and Broadcast?

Amir Aslan Afshar, the son of Colonel Amir Massoud Afshar Ghassemlou (one of the militants of the king Reza Shah era) was born on November 22, 1919, in Tehran. he went to Germany In 1935, and after four years graduated from Hindenburg High School in Berlin. He then received a bachelor degree in law from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and a doctorate in political science from the University of Vienna in Austria.

Book review: From Godar Takhti to Ramadi

War memoirs are bad and bitter; bury them and do not recount

Memoirs of the freed POW from nomads of Bahmai Tribe

"When we saw the behavior of the Iraqi guards and their tortures, returning home was like a dream for us until we heard the news of Irans acceptance of the UN resolution. I talked to all my roommates and they hoped for freedom. One night, an Iraqi officer ordered our guard to gather prisoners in the camp area. We gathered and he began to speak. They wanted us to say nothing about what ...

Book Review:


The book "Jahanara" is the queries on the life and memoirs of martyr Seyed Mohammad Ali Jahanara collected by Ali Akbar Mozdabadi from his wife, comrades, diaries, interviews, and notes, and released by Ya Zahra Publications in 2019. The book begins with a straightforward and understandable note from the author in which he talks about the process of formation and production of this work. In this introduction, it is stated that the ...

Book review:

"Relief Worker, Where Are You?"

The book "Relief Worker, Where Are You?" is the memoirs of "Ali Achrash" a relief worker during the Sacred Defense years in Khuzestan area. It has been authored by Mrs. Masumah Ramhormozi in the year 1397 (2018) in 375 pages and published by the Publication of the Center for Sacred Defense Documents and Research at the price of 30000 tomans. In the books introduction, the word "relief worker" has been defined ...

Leader in Keramat Mosque

Keramat Mosque in the holy city of Mashhad is located near the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) and Ayatollah Khamenei was known as the fixed prayer leader of the mosque from Azar to Esfand of the year 1352 in the solar calendar (December 1973-March 1974). During his period as the prayer leader of the keramat Mosque, Ayatollah Khamenei had made the congregational prayer a memorable memory for the worshipers by paying attention to seemingly simple points.
An Excerpt from Ahmad Mansouri memoirs on the eve of Nowruz 1358 (March 21, 1979)

Protection of Paarchin Military Industries

Immediately after fall of the Pahlavi military and security headquarters and the victory of the Islamic Revolution, people in every city and neighborhood took over the protection of the region, and established the Islamic Revolution Committees, which was a spontaneous revolutionary institution. The people of East Tehran also had voluntarily gathered in Parchin to protect the military industry of Parchin, which included several factories and critical centers of the military industry in about forty kilometers area.

A Critique on the Oral History of War; Reviewing an Interview

Following the decision of the Sacred Defense Documentation and Research Center to interview with war commanders under the title "Oral History of Commanders", designed and implemented by the late Dr. Ardestani, I have steadily studied and written various notes about the oral history, with respect to the importance of methodology. In Persian references, the oral history has been perceived and emphasized more by the validity of the oral methodology and its distinction ...
As a rescue worker, a girl teenager narrates about the sacred defense

The People of the War Zones Were All Warrior

A report on the women activities behind the front line during the holy defense
The first years of Monire Sadeghis adolescence coincided with the outbreak of the imposed war. She is one of the active girl teen in the eight years of the holy defense, who was a regular volunteer in Basij, served as a rescue worker in war zones, and was engaged in military training of women since the first years of the imposed war. Sadeghi was born in 1968 in Ilam and has memories ...

An Excerpt from the Memoirs of Colonel Ali Ghamari

On October 22, 1980, it was announced that all the defenders of the garrison Khorramshahr have died a martyr, which had a very bad effect on fighters spirit, because our place, that is the garrison Khorramshahr, had been completely occupied by the Iraqis. Many cried when heard this news. I was very upset to hear it, but could not believe whether it was true. So, I sent one of the informants to investigate about it and then to let me know.