Are Your Eyes as a Sea?

Narrated by the mother of martyrs Muhammad, Abdul Hamid, Nasrallah and Reza Junidi

The book "Are Your Eyes as a Sea?", written by Javad Kalate Arabi, narrated by Ansieh Junadi, the mother of the 4 martyrs, was published in the spring of 2023 by Iran Publication. The title of the book cover is written in the eye design and the word "eye" is used in the titles of the chapters. It seems that the author wants to force the reader to read all the chapters with this trick to ...

Unfinished Narrative

Iran Press published the memoirs of Sayyed Hamid Taghavifar, entitled Unfinished Narrative, in 500 copies in the spring of 2022. The interviewer is Behzad Sheikhi and the editor is Somayyeh Azimi Sotoudeh Kashani. The memoirs of this martyred Sardar, who was one the holy shrine defender, from the time of holy defense, have been made available to those interested, in 328 pages at a price of Ninety-Eight Thousand Tomans. At first glance, the scritta paper of the book and design of the cover, which tells the title of the book, draw attention.

Book Review

Entitled Commander of Destruction

The book "Commander of Destruction" is the rare oral memoirs of the martyrs of the holy defense warriors, written by Hossein Adhami. This book is the result of 43 hours of interviews in 19 sessions of approximately two to three hours from September 2014 to September 2016. During the interview, the narrators wife, Mrs. Mehri Jafari, was also present, and according to the author of the book, her words played a significant role in completing the memoirs.

Book Review

The Epic of Life

According to the Armoured Commander

The Epic of Life was written by Dr. Amir Hossein Farshad based on the memoirs of the second brigadier general Mohammad Rezaei and published by Sureh Sabz Cultural and Art Institute and publication. The emblem of the Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Works and Values and Army Ground Forces is also seen next to the publishers emblem. The book was released in 2022 in 5000 copies and the price of Two Hundred Thirty Thousand Tomans.

Book Review

Burnt Lungs

The book Burnt Lungs was published in 2021 by the Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defence Works and Values (West Azerbaijan) in 280 pages. Mr. Jalal Kaviani conducted the interview and edited it. “Oral History of Abdulrahim Najaf Gholizadeh Saraei can be seen on the cover. It seems that the oral history of a person cannot be used as a criterion for naming and research, because oral history is considered as the memories and observations of a person as well as an eyewitness of an event.

Book Review

One of Those 33 People

Oral history by Mehrdad Orang

One of Those 33 People, was published by Yohana Publication, Arak, 2023, in 308 pages, 500 volumes, at the price of 900,000 Rials. The emblem of Markazi General Department for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Works and Values is also seen on the back cover. Mohammad Sadegh Ashuri and Khosrow Asadpour conducted the interviews, and the recreation and editing of the book was done by Alireza Salehi and Fatemeh Moradi.

Book Review

Lasting Contrivance

Interview with Dr. Hossein Khatibi

Lasting Contrivance is an interview with Dr. Hossein Khatibi about benefiting from the oral history research method. Dr. Khatibi is a professor of Persian Language and Literature, a contemporary writer and a poet. He was a member and vice-speaker of the National Consultative Assembly for four periods. This book describes the evolution of Persian language and literature education in universities, the activities of the Red Lion and Sun Society inside and outside the country, ...

Book Review

Dezful to Sarcheshme

Dezful to Sarcheshmeh is a narration of the life and struggles of martyr Seyyed Mohammad Kazem Danesh, written by Gholamreza Derkatanian, published in 405 pages with a price of 125,000 Tomans by Sureh Mehr Publication of Khuzestan, Dezful branch, in 2022. On the cover of the book, Martyr Daneshs photo can be seen in soft green with a red title. The scritta paper and spaced writing are the first thing noticed when flipping through the pages of the book.

A Review of the Book the Autumn Arrived

The book "Autumn Arrived" is a romantic narrative of the life of a couple in the sixties, written by Golestan Jafarian in 13 chapters. In this book, Fakhr al-Sadat Mousavi, the wife of Martyr Ahmed Yousefi, tells her memories. Marryr Ahmad Yousefi was born in 1956. Following the issuance of Imam Khomeinis decree on the formation of a twenty million army, representatives from each mosque were introduced to participate in the briefing.

Book Review: "I Wish This Bullet Had not Been Fired"

Memories and Documents of the Explosion of a Cannonball

The book "I Wish this Bullet had not Been Fired" was published in 2022 by Surah Mehr publications in 616 pages and 1250 copies with a hologram price. The cover design of the war ball in the snowy mountain is appropriate for the theme. At first glance, the material and white color of the paper is visible. The sentences on the back cover of the book are chosen to encourage the reader to read.

Daily Notes of a Mother

Memories of Ashraf-al Sadat Sistani
They bring Javad's body in front of the house. His mother comes forward and says to lay him down and recite Ziarat Warith. His uncle recites Ziarat and then tells take him to the mosque which is in the middle of the street and pray the funeral prayer (Ṣalāt al-Janāzah) so that those who do not know what the funeral prayer is to learn it.

A Critique on Oral history of War Commanders

“Answering Historical Questions and Ambiguities Instead of Individual-Organizational Identification”
“Oral history of Commanders” is reviewed with the assumption that in the field of war historiography, applying this method is narrated in an advancing “new” way, with the aim of war historiography, emphasizing role of commanders in creation of its situations and details.
A cut from memoirs of Jalil Taeffi

Escaping with camera

We were in the garden of one of my friends in "Siss" on 26th of Dey 1357 (January 16, 1979). We had gone for fun. It was there that we heard the news of Shah's escape from the local people. They said that the radio had announced. As soon as I heard this news, I took a donkey and went on its back.
Life of Martyr Kazem Amloo Narrated

Baneh Dream

The book "Baneh Dream" narrates the life of martyr Kazem Amloo. It has been authored by Alireza Kalami and released by Marz-o Boom Publications. The book starts with the publisher's preface and the author's introduction; then, 75 memories have been narrated from the language of the martyr's family, friends and comrades.