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Golden Age

Oral history of Mahmoud Mohammadnia

The "Golden Age" interview was conducted by Mustafa Alinia and edited by Bijan Parvan and Hakimeh Vaghari. The creators information on the cover is slightly different from the birth certificate page. The first edition of the book was published in 2018 by Nashaar Mabar, in 414 pages and 1000 copies. The book is written by Mahmoud Mohammadnia; after the index page, there is the introduction of the North Khorasan Sacred Defense ...

Review of the book Oral History of Drama in Iran

(Based on Oral History Interviews)

Drama in Iran has a deep background in Iranian culture and art, and its history has had many ups and downs and changes in different periods; both in terms of social conditions, when they considered actors and role-playing artists to be a lowly member of society, and in terms of politics, when at the height of conceptual theater, they shut it down and pushed the society towards meaningless entertainment, many researchers ...

Book Review:

Resistance Diplomacy

The autobiographical memoirs of Mohammad Reza Bagheri, the former ambassador and deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were published under the title "Resistance Diplomacy" in the winter of 2022. As mentioned in the introduction of the book, a large part of these memories were previously published in the book "From Tripoli to Damascus". In the first chapter, the book begins with the introduction of the childhood and adolescence of the author and his family, ...

Book review:

A Pious Fighter

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the re-establishment of Qom Seminary, the Islamic Revolution Document Center has published a collection of books. One of them under the title "A Pious Fighter" is dedicated to the oral history of the life and struggles of Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Mousavi Shali. This work, authored by Mohammad Kazem Ameli, describes the narrators life, education, religious, cultural and political activities in four chapters.

Book Review

Khoun Migozasht

Khoun Migozasht is a fictional documentary of Haj Mohammad Agha Rasoulzadehs life, written by Hadi Lotfi. This biography covers a summary of the interviews done by the author with sixty people, documents review, and several hours of research. Rasoulzadeh is one of the famous fighters of the revolution in Kashan, who, after meeting Navvab Safavi, established the branch of Fadāeiyān-e Islam in Kashan. He has acted and played roles at any period.


Politics and Wisdom

Ayatollah Dr. Ahmed Beheshti is one of the scholars in the Qom seminary and came from Fars Province. Along with studying and teaching, he tried to expand religious culture for many years in different cities of Iran, especially in Fars, Khuzestan, and Tehran cities. He was arrested and imprisoned several times during the Pahlavi era, and his memories have been gathered in Politics and Wisdom after about sixty hours of interview.

Book Review

The Years of Shame

The Years of Shame is the title of the book of memoirs of the people of Ali Qali neighborhood of Isfahan from the time of the discovery of the hijab, the prohibition of the homily and the famine, which researches and interviews were conducted by Hajar Safaiyeh, Narges Loqmanian, Faeze Darehgzani, Rasul Ahmadi and Mehdi Tajiani, and it was written by Faezeh Darehgezani. At first, the reader quickly realizes that this book has an innovative structure both in terms of form and content.

Book Review:

We also fought

Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi, whose familiarity with several active women of Mallard seems to have encouraged him to collect their memories, is the author of the book. The number of interviewees is not known, but the narratives of 13 women have been published in 66 episodes. Apparently, the number of interviewees was more than this, and the author of the book, Narjes Tavakoli Leshkajani, selected narratives that had a story line and compiled them with historical categories.

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Mirmah Publications founded by a group of doctors and supported by Irans National Elites Foundation, it has published narratives of life of some doctors. One of these doctors is Manoochehr Davaei. Based on his name, the book is called Minoochehr [(in Persian it means someone who has a heavenly face)]. Javad Kamvar Bakhshayesh is the scholar and editor of this book; according to the introduction, the book is result of 12 hours of video interviews with Doctor Davaei ...

Book Review:

“History Watcher”

In the middle six months of 1981 (1360 SH), a group of the political office of IRGC headed to the fronts in order to record events which were related to commanding the war; some the narrators died a martyr. Sayyid Mohammad Eshaghi was one of those narrators who in the year 1980, after being active for a time in Rasht Basij, joined IRGC and after that he narrated the war for 4 years, he died a martyr in January 19, 1987.

Daily Notes of a Mother

Memories of Ashraf-al Sadat Sistani
They bring Javad's body in front of the house. His mother comes forward and says to lay him down and recite Ziarat Warith. His uncle recites Ziarat and then tells take him to the mosque which is in the middle of the street and pray the funeral prayer (Ṣalāt al-Janāzah) so that those who do not know what the funeral prayer is to learn it.

A Critique on Oral history of War Commanders

“Answering Historical Questions and Ambiguities Instead of Individual-Organizational Identification”
“Oral history of Commanders” is reviewed with the assumption that in the field of war historiography, applying this method is narrated in an advancing “new” way, with the aim of war historiography, emphasizing role of commanders in creation of its situations and details.
A cut from memoirs of Jalil Taeffi

Escaping with camera

We were in the garden of one of my friends in "Siss" on 26th of Dey 1357 (January 16, 1979). We had gone for fun. It was there that we heard the news of Shah's escape from the local people. They said that the radio had announced. As soon as I heard this news, I took a donkey and went on its back.
Life of Martyr Kazem Amloo Narrated

Baneh Dream

The book "Baneh Dream" narrates the life of martyr Kazem Amloo. It has been authored by Alireza Kalami and released by Marz-o Boom Publications. The book starts with the publisher's preface and the author's introduction; then, 75 memories have been narrated from the language of the martyr's family, friends and comrades.