Review of the Eagle Eyes

For Air Force Day (February 8)

Undoubtedly, eight years of war and fighting against the invasion of the Baathist enemy had played a significant role in the history of the Iranian nation. Men, women, old and young, all along with the armed forces created an epic and resisted the enemy. The Air Force had a special place in this resilience. Brave pilots and crews sacrificed themselves to fight the invading enemy. Various fighters, bombers, and transport units directly played a crucial role ...

Introducing the Book "Two Fingers on One Trigger"

Cyrus Shahbazi Narration of War Memories

The design on the cover of the book shows simplicity and behavior that is more an artistic depiction of the sacred defense than it wants to beat the drums of war; Although it shows a fighter ready to shoot or fire, not only does not show the slightest violence in his condition but also, on the contrary, he emphasizes love, compassion and calmness using of light and soft colors of green and blue, The book also has a beautifully patterned layout, which includes the beginning

A review of the book "Room Number Two"

Memoirs of Abolghasem Eghbalian

On the back cover of the book, it is written: "When we entered from the east door of seminary, the second room on the right was room number two; it was a room where remembers my memories better than I do. It gradually became a hangout for students who were busy just for lessons and discussions; [there were] students who did not like just studying like a child.

A review of the book "Bazidar"

War in the Narration of an Iraqi Citizen, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

The word "Bazidar" means a pigeon that spins and hangs in the infinite blue of the sky in its beautiful and artistic flight in such a moment that it amazes the eyes, tongue, and heart of every observer. There is little life scene of such pigeons, of these people ... The [above-mentioned] text is a brief description of the title of the book that we encounter before the relatively large text of the memoirs of Seyyed Abbas Mousavi.

Overview of the book "Paradise of Destruction"

Memoirs of Morteza Nader-Mohammadi, Deputy Commander of the 32nd Ansar al-Hussein Division

First of all, it is noteworthy mentioning the good printing and accurate pagination of [the book]"Paradise of Destruction". The book cover is designed with the flower branch that protrudes from the branches of a mine, creates an artistic combination, and persuades the viewer and readers to think. In addition, the selection of the back cover, along with a photograph of the wartime narrator, is very thought-provoking.

Review of the book "Baloch Stars"

Spiritual Memories of a Shrine Defender, Abbas Naroui, about the Presence of Nabavion Forces in the Battle of Syria

"I hated me that I was the sheik of that caravan and breathing alive on that bed. It seems that Abdul Nabi realized my thoughts when he started preaching and said that God had placed a task on me after this incident. It was the task of narrating the courage, freedom, and bravery of the stars of Balochistan was put on the road for the first time by the head of the tribes brother-in-law; ...

A brief review of the book "Beyond My Stars"

Memoirs of Colonel Mohammad-Vali Mahmoudi Harsini

The book "Beyond My Stars" begins with the [above-mentioned] dedication that blends sense and image. After the table of contents, there is a short handwritten confirmation of Colonel Mohammad-Vali Mahmoudi Harsini and then the introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization and then, the authors preface (the books compiler). The book includes ten chapters.

Review of the book "I Fought for Peace"

Oral History of Asghar Ahmadi

This book begins with the narrators handwriting for confirming the texts accuracy. The next page is dedicated to the dedication letter. Then there is the table of content, followed by the preface of the Director-General of Preservation of Relics and Publication of the Values of the Sacred Defense in Khuzestan, the introduction of the Sacred Defense Documents Organization, and words for the readers by the compiler. The text of the book consists of fourteen chapters, and ...

Looking at Massoud Rajavi Confessions in Prison

During the six months that I was in solitary confinement, thanks to God, I was able to erase the label of being a communist attached to us from the minds of many and even some of the officers. One of the soldiers, who was in charge of protecting the cells, was impressed by my prayers and fasting, and I became aware of a lot of news inside the prison through him. He would stand with his back to the cell and sneak me;

Memoirs of Nejatali Eskandari

I was spending the last year of my mission on the borders of Khuzestan when Saddam Hussein occupied Kuwait and engaged the Iraqi people in a devastating war. This was exactly the reflection of the actions and behaviors of the Kuwaiti rulers, who gave the Bubiyan Island to Saddam to use against us in the war. In addition to foreign aids and weapons, which were paid for by Kuwait and spent by Baghdad. Now they saw the result of their actions;

A Narrative of Public Movement of June 5 1963

There is a story about Grand Mosque of Shiraz, in which most of June 5 events happened, that I like to note before addressing memories of June 5, 1963. The current director of bureau of Education who had intended to restore the mosque, started it in 1944. But when he evaluated impairment of the mosque, he concluded it would be better destroy the mosque totally and take its bricks to Kazeroon in order to build schools.

A Memory by Iran Torabi about Meeting Imam Khomeini

There were heavy surgeries that night until morning. Some of the wounded of the air force got martyrdom, and some guards died too. I was busy delivering one of the operated when I heard shouting and cursing in the recovery room. A guard and an air force officer had lain down on the stretcher, and were waiting for surgery. The guard had a medal around his neck supposed to be for the guards, and the Air Force officer recognized it.
The 336th Night of Memory-3

Sardasht Chemical Bombing

The 336th Night of Memory was held on Thursday, June 23, 2022, with the presence of a group of chemical warriors from Sardasht region and the treatment and health staffs of chemically injured and veterans in the Surah Hall of the Arts Center, with the performance of Dawood Salehi. In this ceremony, General Ali Sadri, Dr. Hamid Salehi, Dr. Mohammad Hajipour and Dr. Khosro Jadidi, witnesses of the chemical bombing, shared their memories.

Like a War-Torn Area

I participated in the demonstration for the first time on Tuesday, August 30, 1977 (the 14th of the holy month of Ramadan). In the morning, I heard people had gathered in front of house of Ayatollah Sayyid Abdullah Shirazi. My brother and I went to Naderi Crossroad with the intention of joining the people. The number of people kept increasing, as much as the street became completely closed. The distance between Ayatollah ...