The book, Tuberoses, investigates the role of Armenians in the eight year Holy Defense.

The book, Tuberoses, investigates the role of Armenians in the eight year Holy Defense.
According to Tabnak's report in the introduction of the book, Dr. Arman Budaghianse, the author of the book says:
"In the non Muslim society in Iran, Armenian Christians were the most loyal ones. Their presence in the Islamic revolution and the imposed war left the international world in wonder. Given that the imposed war was the war of Islam against blasphemy, the passion of Christians and their protective attitude surprised everyone."

"Undoubtedly, Imam Khomeini as the political leader of non Muslim Iranians, had such influence on everyone's heart that the Christians in Iran, especially the Armenians, that they joined Muslims to defend Iran."

"The high status of the concept of martyrdom, in true Christianity has such influence in Armenian society, that it provided grounds for them to join the Muslims of Iran. The words of Yaghishe, the Armenian historian of the 5th century AD, are very much present in the history of Armenians. He asserts:" A death companied with awareness leads to immortality whereas, ding in unawareness leads to real death."
This book does not attempt to settle anything. It is merely a beginning of a much more elaborate scrutiny to understand the fellow Christian compatriots.

The first part of this collection, deals with three thousand year old military relations between Armenians and other Aryan Iranian. In other part, the book engages with the participation of Armenians in the Holy Defense. Afterwards, it presents the Armenian soldiers, martyrs, wounded and, the ones who went missing in form of an encyclopedia. The next chapter is dedicated to the introduction of Armenian non-military wounded people.

The author asserts: “I believe that this collection is a rich text for the intellectual filmmakers, play writers and authors.” The most beautiful humanistic relations are demonstrated very lively in this book.

In this book we read:
Martyr, Urick Sardarian, born in Kalavah, Arak, was the soldier of 64th division of Urumiah. He was killed in Haj Omran, in 1986 zone when he was 22.

He was buried on the day of Ashura with a religious funeral in Targmanchats church. Many Armenians of Tehran, generals, and elective representatives attended his funeral in the Armenian cemetery.

The great leader of the revolution attended his funeral, supported his parents emotionally and, blessed them.

Tuberoses, is co-published by Hayat Nashr and Serir Publications which is affiliated with the foundation of Maintenance and Propagation of the Values of the Holy Defence, in 824 pages. 

At the back cover of the book we read:
From the very moment Vahab, a handsome young Nasrani boy- gave his heart and soul to Imam Ali as his master he was determined to fight for Imam Ali to death. Today, Christian men and women just like the humble and truthful disciples, fight for their leader, Khomeini, all united and determined.
We strongly recommend this book to the ones interested in the period of the Holy Defense.

Translated by: Jairan Gahan

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