Seda (Voice), Oral History News Bulletin, New Series. No 2

31 December 2010

Seda (Voice), oral history news bulletin, which was published in 12 issues in 2009, is going to be published with some differences in contents and numbers in 2010.
In the new series of Seda which are going to be published in four issues, the section of “Introducing Institutions” is dedicated to Oral History weblogs and the “Memory” section which was dedicated to the birth and death dates of oral history interviewees will change to “The Memory of Childhood”. “The Memory of Childhood” will present the memoirs of interviewees from their childhoods that have been told during their interviews with the Oral History department of Iranian National Library and Documents Center. The other parts would be presented in the same previous way.
Seda Bulletin is produced in the General Office of Informatics and Communications at National Documents Deputyship and it aims to present news and information in Oral History of Iran and the world.

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A Narrative of Public Movement of June 5 1963

There is a story about Grand Mosque of Shiraz, in which most of June 5 events happened, that I like to note before addressing memories of June 5, 1963. The current director of bureau of Education who had intended to restore the mosque, started it in 1944. But when he evaluated impairment of the mosque, he concluded it would be better destroy the mosque totally and take its bricks to Kazeroon in order to build schools.

A Memory by Iran Torabi about Meeting Imam Khomeini

There were heavy surgeries that night until morning. Some of the wounded of the air force got martyrdom, and some guards died too. I was busy delivering one of the operated when I heard shouting and cursing in the recovery room. A guard and an air force officer had lain down on the stretcher, and were waiting for surgery. The guard had a medal around his neck supposed to be for the guards, and the Air Force officer recognized it.
The 336th Night of Memory-3

Sardasht Chemical Bombing

The 336th Night of Memory was held on Thursday, June 23, 2022, with the presence of a group of chemical warriors from Sardasht region and the treatment and health staffs of chemically injured and veterans in the Surah Hall of the Arts Center, with the performance of Dawood Salehi. In this ceremony, General Ali Sadri, Dr. Hamid Salehi, Dr. Mohammad Hajipour and Dr. Khosro Jadidi, witnesses of the chemical bombing, shared their memories.

Like a War-Torn Area

I participated in the demonstration for the first time on Tuesday, August 30, 1977 (the 14th of the holy month of Ramadan). In the morning, I heard people had gathered in front of house of Ayatollah Sayyid Abdullah Shirazi. My brother and I went to Naderi Crossroad with the intention of joining the people. The number of people kept increasing, as much as the street became completely closed. The distance between Ayatollah ...